Don't Be Shy
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get my church to participate in the Midland Area Interfaith Friends?

Just reach out to us or come to any of the meetings listed. You are welcome to request a PDF copy of our schedule.

Can I bring a friend or neighbor?

Absolutely. The more the merrier!

What should I expect at the meetings?

We usually have a speaker, short business meeting, and eat together. 

What can I bring for the potluck?

You are welcome to bring most anything. Please refrain from bringing pork and/or alcohol products. Also, bring a notecard with the ingredients on it for those with special diets and allergies. 

Do I have to bring a notecard with the ingredients?

Yes. This ensures those with dietary restrictions and allergies a safe way of eating.

Are the meetings always potluck?

No. Sometimes we volunteer at different places in the Midland area.

What is the clothing attire for these meetings?

There is no specification, whatever you would normally wear to an event or function but please be respectful.